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Meet the Chef

Michael Rogers Chief Operations Officer, Corporate Executive Chef

As co-owner, Chef Michael Rogers worked closely with CEO Keith Clark to open the first Waterford Receptions facility in Fair Oaks, Virginia in 2000 and has continued to play an integral role in facility and staff management. His role includes core functions such as developing menus, managing the kitchen and wait staff, conducting tastings with guests, and overseeing catering operations.

His creativity extends beyond the dishes on the menus, and he applies an innovative approach to all matters – from streamlining the process for ordering ingredients and supplies to custom designing the kitchen at the Springfield facility.

Chef Rogers has been an executive chef for nearly 20 years. Previously, he was corporate executive chef for the Big 4 Restaurant Group where he ran banquet operations and oversaw several restaurants in the Scottsdale, Ariz. metro area.

Prior to that, he was executive chef of Sol Duc Hot Springs, a seasonal resort in the Olympic National Park. While at Sol Duc, Chef Rogers won several regional food competitions and was published in The Northwest Best Places Cookbook. He has also served as executive chef for the Concord Restaurant in Portland, Ore. and executive sous chef for the Radisson in Scottsdale.

Chef Rogers received his associate’s degree in Specialized Technology in Culinary Arts from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts where he studied under one of the few Master Chefs in the country. He also participated in an overseas culinary program where he attended classes at Le Cordon Blue, L’Verchin and the Ritz Escoffier Culinary Academies in Paris, France.