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At Waterford Receptions we have a long history of hosting events from a wide variety of cultures – including Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Afghan, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Persian. Whether it’s a wedding, a social/religious gathering or a business event – we understand that different cultures have unique customs and etiquette. From the décor to the menu, our expert event planners and staff work closely with you to make it your own special event.

We offer two beautiful facilities that are easy to transition into any unique setting that you desire and our meeting rooms and ballrooms can support events of all sizes.

While Waterford Receptions offers an exquisite culinary experience, with a tremendous variety of customizable packages, we understand the importance of having traditional cultural dishes at your event. If you wish to bring in food from other restaurants and caterers or if you wish to combine one of our packages with an outside vendor, we are happy to work with you to prepare the best menu for you and your guests.

We offer the expertise, flexibility and support you need to make your unique event as special as you imagined.

That’s the Waterford Way.

Please contact us directly to learn about our international packages and visit our other pages for more details on weddings, corporate events and social gatherings.